How to paint beautiful and simple landscape painting

Beautiful and simple landscape painting can be done by following these steps:

  1. Materials: You will need a piece of rice paper or painting paper, a brush or other brush suitable for painting, some ink or watercolor paints, a glass of water and a canvas or drawing board.
  2. Planning and composition: Use light brush on paper to outline the basic composition of landscape painting, you can choose distant mountains, water or lakes in the middle, and trees or flowers in the foreground and other elements. Pay attention to maintaining overall balance and hierarchy.
  3. Outline with light ink: Dip a brush or brush in just enough light ink to gently outline mountains, water, and trees. Pay attention to the use of different line thickness and length to show the shape and texture of the landscape.
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  1. Fill in the ink: Gradually deepen the ink and fill in the interior of mountains, water and trees with a brush or brush. The shading and gradual effect of ink and wash can be used to show the Yin and Yang and the sense of hierarchy of landscape. Pay attention to the change of the weight and intensity of the strokes to increase the vividness of the picture.
  2. Add details: After the basic outline and ink filling is complete, you can add some details, such as the texture of the mountain, the branches and leaves of the trees, the ripples of the water, etc. You can use the method of dot ink, stroke ink or dot line combination to show a richer detail effect.
  3. White space and adjustment: Leave appropriate white space in the picture to give the viewer space to imagine. If necessary, you can make some fine tuning and retouching of the picture to achieve the desired effect.
  4. Drying and fixing: After the work is completely dry, it can be fixed by appropriate methods, such as covering with transparent adhesive paper or spraying with styling agent.
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These steps are just a simple guide that you can adapt and vary according to your own creative style and preferences. Through continuous practice and trial, you will master more skills and expression techniques, and create more beautiful landscape paintings. Remember, the charm of landscape painting lies in expressing inner feelings and understanding of the beauty of nature. Let your creativity be and enjoy the fun of painting!

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