Chinese painters in December 2023 popularity index list debut

China New net Shanghai news, January 1 (Moke Yu Jun) China National Art Network released the “December 2023 Popularity Index list of famous Chinese painters in the Chinese painting world” on the 1st.

Chinese painting, the full name of Chinese painting, is a long history, broad and profound painting species, many collectors. In today’s painting and calligraphy market, the high price of ancient calligraphy and painting makes ordinary collectors look forward to the price; And because it is difficult to identify the authenticity, the risk of forgery is greater, collectors generally have “fear of the ancient” psychology. “Far-sighted” investors turn to contemporary works whose authenticity is easier to distinguish and whose price is still reasonable, thus making contemporary paintings and paintings of famous artists a “value depression” favored by the collection circle.

China National Art Network, a large authoritative art portal, gathers industry experts and Internet platforms to form a professional jury to conduct professional data screening, analysis, insight and selection from eight dimensions of painting innovation, collectors’ response, market performance, popularity, spirit, integrity and painter’s virtue in the form of interview and research. The ranking of the popularity index of famous Chinese painters in the Chinese painting circle.

The list, which is updated monthly, aims to spread excellent traditional Chinese culture and promote the artistic attainments and excellent works of famous painters and calligraphies. It dynamically shows the ranking changes of the 100 most influential Chinese painters in the contemporary painting world, especially the top 20 Chinese painters, and provides a directional reference for the industry’s analysis, research, investment and collection.

The top 20 Chinese paintings in the December 2023 list are: Cui Ruzhuo, Fan Zeng, Han Meilin, Jia Youfu, Lu Yushun, Shi Guoliang, Zhu Guohua, Feng Yuan, He Jiaying, Chen Jialing, Jia Guangjian, Wu Yueshi, Zhang Lichen,

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