Su Shi’s original work “New Year Exhibition Celebration” and other exhibition in Hainan

The combined volume of Su Shi’s original works “New Year Exhibition Celebration” and “People Come Book” in the Palace Museum has been on display at the Hainan Provincial Museum since February 1, along with the works of Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu and CAI Xiang, the other three of the “Four Song families” in the Palace Museum.

Su Shi's original work "New Year Exhibition Celebration" and other exhibition in Hainan Photo 2

The “Timeless Dongpo – Sushi Theme Cultural Relics Exhibition” jointly organized by the Palace Museum and the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports opened on the evening of January 31 at the Hainan Provincial Museum. The exhibition will be open to the public from February 1 until April 30.

This exhibition displays a total of 332 pieces/sets of Su Shi theme cultural relics, through the three chapters of “aiming high”, “traveling thousands of miles” and “living in the prefecture”, Su Shi’s brilliant literary and artistic achievements, optimistic and open-minded life realm, persistent patriotic feelings for the people and “three Su” family style.

In Dongpo Hall 1, the original works of Su Shi “New Year Exhibition Celebration Card” and “People come book post” are placed in “position C”. Through the glass of the exhibition case, the reporter can see two letters written by Su Shi to his friend Chen 慥 : One is happy, “New Year Exhibition Celebration Card” to Chen 慥, “wish endless praise”, concerned about “how to live”; A letter of grief, “people come book post” mourned the death of Chen 慥 brother, “the original desire to comfort, and fear of sorrow in the more confused, in advance and retreat.” Two pieces of natural and smooth writing, strong charming elegant, is Su Shi from the early book into the middle age book turning work.

There is also an authentic painting by Huang Tingjian titled “Weiqing Dao Man’s Post”, written in 1094 AD, which praises the integrity and wisdom of Weiqing Dao man, a Zen master from Huanglong Temple in Longxingfu, Jiangxi Province.

In addition, there are also works by Mi Fu and CAI Xiang exhibited, among which, Mi Fu’s Tao Lin Post and Huang Tingjian’s Tao Ren Post are exhibited for the first time in the form of exhibition. At the same time, this exhibition also has the treasures of Song Huizong, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Zhu Zhishan, Ji Xiaolan, Zheng Banqiao and other people on display.

“There is a Su Dongpo in everyone’s heart, and this exhibition is a rare opportunity to see so many masterpieces at the same time.” Audience Lin Jingjing said.

It is understood that in order to enrich the public experience of the exhibition, Hainan Province will also launch a series of activities such as Dongpo Forum, literary performances, calligraphy exhibition of famous artists, ancient market, Dongpo Hainan Footprint research tour during the cultural relics exhibition.

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