Literati painting of ancient Chinese painting art

I have briefly shared with you some modern western painting schools. Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the relevant content of our ancient Chinese paintings. Because I am not professional about painting, just like, so do not dare to comment, just to provide you with objective content, hope you forgive. First of all, let’s introduce the ancient Chinese literati paintings.

Literati painting, also known as “doctor freehand painting” and “scholar painting”, generally refers to the paintings of Chinese people and scholar-officials in Chinese feudal society, which is different from the paintings of folk and court painting academies.

Literati painting in the painting skills to focus on the pen and ink taste, do not seek resemblance, emphasize the charm, pay attention to artistic conception, and at the same time advertised “morale”, “elegant”, modern Chen Hengke believes that “literati painting has four elements: character, knowledge, talent and thought. With these four, one can be perfect.”

In addition, literati painting pays special attention to the expression of the author’s literature, calligraphy, painting and other cultivation, which is the concentrated embodiment of the author’s various cultural qualities. Wang Wei, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty, entered the painting with his poems. There’s a picture in a poem, and a poem in a picture. Later generations regarded him as the originator of literati painting.

The following collection of several typical literati paintings, for everyone to enjoy.

Literati painting of ancient Chinese painting art Photo 2

Literati painting of ancient Chinese painting art Photo 4

元 王冕《墨梅图》

Literati painting of ancient Chinese painting art Photo 6

明 唐寅 《杏花茅屋图》

Literati painting of ancient Chinese painting art Photo 8

清 郑板桥《竹石图》

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