China’s top ten people’s musicians compose beautiful music for the Republic

Nie Er (1912-1935), representative works: the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China “March of the Volunteers”, “Dock Workers”, “Graduation Song”, “Song of the Road”, “The Voice of Selling newspapers”, “Mei Niang Song”, “The Girl in the Village outside the Village”, “The Girl under the iron hooves”, etc.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 2

Xian Xinghai (1905-1945), representative works: Production Movement Cantata, Yellow River Cantata, September 18th Cantata, 牺盟 Cantata, National Liberation, Sacred War, Manjiang Hong, China Rhapsody, etc.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 4

Zheng Yucheng (1914-1976), representative works: “Ode to Yan ‘an”, “Yanshui Ballad”, “March of the Eighth Route Army (Song of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army)”, “March of the Korean People’s Army”, “Suite of Songs of the Hinggan Mountains”, “March of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army”, “Three Pieces of the Order of Sixteen Characters”, “Lou Shan Pass”, etc.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 6

He Luting (1903-1999), representative works: “Cityview”, “Cross Street”, “Road Angel” and other more than 10 films, composed “Guerrilla Song”, “Home”, “Reclamation of Spring mud”, “Jialing River” and other songs.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 8

Li Huanzhi (1919-2000), representative works: “Spring Festival Suite”, “Youth Award”, “March for the Democratic founding of the country”, “Socialism good”, “Busy Production”, “Tea Mountain Ballad”, “August osmanthus Blossom everywhere” and so on.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 10

Lv Ji (1909-2002), representative works: “Newly compiled” 918 “minor”, “May Fourth” movement song “, “anti-Japanese Military and Political University song”, “Ode to the motherland” and so on.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 12

Ma Ke (1918-1976), representative works: “Nanyan Bay”, “We are Democratic youth”, “We workers have power”, “Luliangshan Chorus” and so on.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 14

Shi Guangnan (1940-1990), representative works: “Toast Song”, “The Grapes in Turpan are ripe”, “In the field of Hope”, “Playing the tambourine and singing”, “Premier Zhou, Where are you” and so on.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 16

Wang Luobin (1913-1996), representative works: “In that distant place”, “Half the Moon climbed up”, “The girl of Dabancheng”, “Lift your hood”, “Alamuhan”, “In the Silver Moonlight” and so on.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 18

Lei Zhenbang (1916-1997), representative works: “Liu Sanjie”, “Five Golden Flowers”, “Visitors on the Iceberg”, “Lusheng Love Song”, “Daji and her Father” and “Jin Yuji”, “Dong Cunrui”, “Ma Lanhua Kai”, “Spending a Good Month”, “Ji Hongchang”, “Little Generation”, “Chi Orange Yellow Green Qing LAN Zi” and other more than 40 classic film music works.

中国的十大人民音乐家,为共和国谱写华美乐章 Photo 20

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