Top ten musicians in Chinese history

There are ten famous musicians in ancient China, namely the following ten famous musicians: Boya, Shi Kuang, Li Yannian, Ji Kang, Su Xiaopo, Wan Baochang, Li Longji, Li Guinian, Jiang Kui, Zhu Zaiyu.

  1. Boya: Piano player of the Spring and Autumn Period. “Xunzi? Exhortation” has “Boya drums and harp, while the six horses look up to the” said, it can be seen that his piano skills are superb. According to legend, the representative works are “Narcissus exercise” and “High Mountains and flowing Water”.
  2. Shi Kuang: a musician of the State of Jin during the Spring and Autumn Period. He is blind, but his hearing is keen and he can tell the rhythm of music very accurately. His representative works include “Snow White” and “Xuanmo”.
  3. Li Yannian: Court musician of the Han Dynasty. He served as the associate law officer of Yuefu. His representative works are based on Zhang Qian brought back from the Western regions of the “Moktula”, the production of 28 new tunes, used as a military music for ceremonial use.
  4. Ji Kang: Wei Qin composer, litterateur and thinker during The Three Kingdoms Period. He is knowledgeable, good at writing poetry and prose theory, love music, good at playing the piano, known for playing “Guangling SAN”. His representative works are “Music without Sorrow” and “Qin Fu”, which give a detailed and vivid description of music and the playing method and expression of the qin.
  5. Su Xiaopo: Court musician in the Southern and Northern Dynasties. She is good at playing the Hu pipa, the family Qiuci music “five Dan seven tone” palace tone system. Its music theory effectively promoted the establishment and development of the ancient palace tune system in our country.

6, Wanbaochang: Sui Dynasty musician, good at playing a variety of instruments. He is best known for his Music Score.

7, Li Longji: Tang Dynasty musician, he is also the first emperor musician in ancient China. He is good at playing the Capricorn drum and fife, and has created and adapted “Midnight Music”, “Small Broken Band Music”, “Nisha Yuyi Song” and so on. Established the Tang dynasty music institutions teaching square, pear garden.

8, Li Guinian: Tang Dynasty musician, he played the wind instrument Tartar skills, many poets have heard him play, and wrote many popular verses.

9, Jiang Kui: Song Dynasty musician, poet, alias Baishi Daoist, known as Jiang Baishi. Representative works include “Yangzhou Slow”, “Bleak Crime”, “Baishi Daoren Song” and so on.

  1. Zhu Zaiyu: Musical scholar in Ming Dynasty. He is the author of books such as “The Complete Book of Music and Law”, “The Theory of Law and Law”, and “The Question and Confusion of Law and Law”. The Whole Book of Music summed up the previous theory of music, developed it, and created the theory of “new law secret rate”.

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