The origin and classification of art

There are seven theories about the origin of art: One is the imitation theory, there is the “beauty is the imitation of nature” theory, that the beauty of the world is imitated from nature, and the ability to imitate is from the nature and instinct of childhood. Second, the game theory believes that art originates from games and that art is an aesthetic free game for the purpose of creating the appearance of forms. The theory of three expressions holds that art originates from human’s need to express and communicate emotions, and emotional expression is the most important function of art and the main motivation of art. According to the Four Sorceries theory, sorcery is the most influential and powerful viewpoint in the western theory on the origin of art. Believed that art originated from witchcraft. Five labor theory, that art originated from labor. First of all, labor is the main object of expression of primitive art, and second, prehistoric art has left a lot of marks of labor production activities in terms of content and form. Six pluralistic determinism holds that cultural phenomena are generated by a variety of reasons. The theory of seven language consciousness holds that art originates from human language consciousness. The above theories on the origin of art can help us understand the origin of primitive art and its reasons from different aspects.

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Art category: Art includes literature, painting, music, dance, sculpture, drama, architecture, film, electronic games a total of nine categories.

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