What’s whipped? Why is it so popular in China?

What is “whipped egg”? As a new kind of poker game, suddenly the fire all over the country, why? It is understood that whipped eggs originated in Huaian, Jiangsu Province in the 1960s. In the view of many Huai ‘an people, Guadao is not only entertainment, but also culture, and has philosophical significance. Huai ‘an is the hometown of Han Xin, the founding general of the Han Dynasty. “There are strategies and tactics in this city, and there are traditional Chinese military thoughts.” Some poker friends said, “A deck of cards, to play well, not only to cooperate with teammates, but also to think about how to conquer the opponent there, change more, this card is very wonderful.”

As it is easy to understand, whipped eggs soon spread from Jiangsu to Anhui and gradually spread to the whole country in a few decades. There are many poker projects, there are international championship bridge can be described as the most “spring snow”, the competition has already its own system; Texas poker is also popular in the financial circle and IT circle, has been given the label of “fashionable”, but whipped is really hot in the past two years, has become the new favorite of people in finance, venture capital and other fields.

“The whipped egg itself is very charming. It tests the memory, judgment and analysis of the card player, which are necessary qualities for the elite in running enterprises and engaging in finance.” Huaian Whipped Egg Federation executive vice president Chen Jing said, whipped egg is divided into three stages of grasping cards, group cards, and playing cards, “Grasping cards is left to fate, but how to combine the cards in hand can test the level of people, in the end is to form a combination, or to form a pair, different people have different choices.” And when it comes to the playing stage, it is even more ever-changing, and it needs to be dynamically adjusted according to the playing situation of others.”

To play the whipped ball well, we should have the spirit of cooperation, and also form cooperation with partners in successively playing cards, have the big picture, grasp the battle record, adjust the tactics, and win the victory, and there is a kind of pleasure in strategiing well in between. It’s socially packed, trendy, intellectually athletic, and conducive to business negotiations, and for good reason.

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