Top 10 art auction houses in the world

Sotheby’s (UK)

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Sotheby’s Auction Company, founded in 1744 (nine years of Qianlong) in London, England, has a long history of internationally renowned art auction house, the global international auction market leader of books and manuscripts, the United States listed company, the world’s auction company with British literature research experts

Sam. Samuel Baker founded Sotheby’s in London in 1744 (the ninth year of Qianlong’s reign) and held its first auction. Since then, Sotheby’s has gradually expanded from the sale of books to the sale of various types of art. Since then, Sotheby’s has become not only the oldest art auctioneer in the world, but also the leading auctioneer.

Towards the end of the First World War, Sotheby’s had expanded its range of sales to include prints, MEDALS and coins. The company also moved to the world-famous New Bond Street in London in 1917, which has since become Sotheby’s London headquarters. Its roots on this fashionable street heralded a new era for Sotheby’s, as sales of paintings and other works of art began to surpass those of books and documents. The diversified business purpose of the auction was a very important decision at that time, which laid a deep and good foundation for the future leadership of Mr. Peter Wilson and the development of the company. Sotheby’s currently has more than 100 offices worldwide.

  1. Christie’s Auction House (UK)
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Christie’s Auction company, a top ten auction house brand, was founded in 1766 in the United Kingdom, an internationally renowned auction house, the top auction house in the world art market, a listed company in London, a unique real-time bidding service

The name Christie’s stands for exquisite works of art, unparalleled service and expertise, and an internationally renowned reputation.

Christie’s was founded by James James in 1766. Founded by James Christie, it has held many important auctions over the centuries and is a gathering place for rare and unique artworks. Christie’s holds more than 450 sales each year across more than 80 categories, including decorative art, jewelry, photography, collectibles, fine wines and more, with prices ranging from $200 to more than $100 million. Christie’s also has a long and successful track record in private sales, focusing on post-war and contemporary art, Impressionist and modern art, Old masters and jewellery.

Christie’s has 53 offices and 12 auction centres in 32 countries, including London, New York, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Amsterdam, Dubai, Zurich, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Christie’s also offers its clients the unique Christie’s LIVE? To enable customers around the world to participate in the bidding through the Internet. Christie’s also offers its clients the unique Christie’s LIVE? To enable customers around the world to participate in the bidding through the Internet.

3, Beijing Poly Auction (Beijing)

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Poly Group, Beijing Poly International Auction Co., LTD., China’s top ten auction houses, large state-owned auction companies, the world’s leading auction enterprise of Chinese art auction industry turnover, to auction Chinese antiques, Chinese modern and contemporary oil paintings and artworks, Chinese modern and modern paintings, ancient Chinese paintings and other as the main projects

Beijing Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. is the world’s largest auction company in the Chinese art auction industry. Poly Auction is China’s largest state-controlled auction company, the parent group of Poly Culture Group Co., LTD. (Poly Culture, 3636? HK) successfully listed in the Hong Kong capital market on March 6, 2014. As of the autumn 2014 auction, Poly Auction has been listed as the top seller in the domestic large-scale art auction for 13 consecutive times. With this success, Beijing Poly’s 2014 annual turnover was 6.15 billion yuan, successfully achieving the fifth consecutive global annual Chinese art auction turnover since 2009.

  1. China Guardian Auction (Beijing)
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China Guardian International Auction Co., LTD., Guardian, the top ten auction house brands, Beijing Auction Industry Association vice president unit, to operate Chinese cultural relics and works of art based comprehensive auction company, the auction industry is a very influential brand

Founded in May 1993, it is a comprehensive auction company specializing in Chinese cultural relics and works of art, headquartered in Beijing. Regular spring and autumn auctions are held every year, as well as four “Guardian Four Seasons” auctions. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America.

China Guardian was the first batch and successively rated as the highest AAA qualification of Chinese auction enterprises, and won the title of trustworthy enterprise issued by the government administration for industry and commerce.

In 2008, China Guardian was authorized by the Beijing Olympic Expo to hold an exclusive auction for the Olympic Games, and in 1999 and 2009, China Guardian was designated as the exclusive auction for the philatelic products of the World Philatelic Exhibition. China Guardian has long been actively involved in charitable donations and support for art education and other public welfare activities.

5, the UK David auction

DAVID’s, founded in the early 20th century, is one of the world’s leading art auction companies, collecting art collections from all over the world. In its early days, the David Verde Auction gained widespread attention by relying on the world-class art collection of the Foundation (founded by Sir Percival Victor David Ezekiel David). The museum is particularly prominent in Chinese ceramics, covering nearly a thousand years of history, and is considered by Chinese scholars to be the best ceramic collection in the world.

Now, with offices in 50 major cities around the world and headquarters in London, UK, Davide Auctions conducts auctions based in the UK and in dozens of locations around the world, in addition to providing other services related to auctions, including art storage, security, and art databases. Over the years, museums, collectors, art dealers and national governments around the world have placed their trust in David. With the further development of the art market and the rise of the Chinese art market, David Auction officially entered the Chinese market and established the first art collection unit (Shanghai Jingce Exhibition Service Co., LTD.) to provide services for the mainland art market.

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Citic Auctions Macau (Macau, China)

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Macau CITIC International Auction Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Macau in 2004, and is one of the top ten auction house brands. It was officially opened in April 2005. In December 2005, CITIC Macau Corporation held Macau’s first-ever large-scale art and economic highlights. So far, CITIC Macao has become the world’s largest porcelain auction brand, and in 2016 was crowned the “World porcelain King” title

Since ancient times, Macao has enjoyed good weather, people enjoy peace and prosperity, close to the mainland, through the Chinese and Western cultures, monopolizing the time, geographical location, people and potential, hidden dragons and crouching tigers, creating a lot of art circulation and collection connoisseurs, but also make the company have an environment to play. The first auction attracted people will be crowded auction hall, it can be seen that the company to build this trading platform is just the right time. We have a team of local and mainland experts including Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai. They have both professional talents and are familiar with the auction business. The company makes full use of the characteristics of the capitalist market economy in Macao and the advantages of the free circulation of funds, and gives full play to their personal professional and business skills.

  1. Beijing Kuangshi Auction (Beijing)

Beijing Kuangshi International Auction Co., LTD., the top ten auction house brands, well-known brands in the art auction industry, mainly auction paintings, antiques, sculptures and other products, and undertake asset auctions and various types of charity auction enterprises

Beijing Kuangshi International Auction Co., Ltd. mainly auctions ancient and modern Chinese calligraphy and painting, Chinese antiques, modern and contemporary Chinese oil painting, sculpture, etc., and undertakes asset auctions and various charity auctions. Since its establishment, Beijing Kuangshi has always adhered to the “integrity, professionalism” as the foundation of the enterprise, adhering to the “service, wholehearted” working principle, relying on a strong team of experts and customer resources at home and abroad, pioneering and continuous innovation, and achieved good results in various art auction fields.

  1. Beijing Hanhai Auction (Beijing)

Beijing Hanhai Auction Co., LTD., founded in 1994, is one of the top ten auction houses, mainly engaged in the auction of cultural relics and works of art. It is a high-level and high-quality cultural exchange platform for making the best use of things.

Beijing Hanhai Auction Co., LTD., formerly known as Beijing Hanhai Art Auction Co., LTD., was established in January 1994. It is one of the first large-scale comprehensive auction companies approved by Beijing Municipal People’s Government, approved and registered by the administrative department for industry and Commerce, and approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. It is the first auction institution recommended by the National High People’s Court and the Beijing Municipal High People’s Court.

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As one of the earliest auction enterprises in China, Hanhai is mainly engaged in the auction of cultural relics and works of art, aiming to promote Chinese national culture and improve the status and influence of Chinese works of art in the world through auction activities. To provide a high-level, high-quality cultural exchange space for collectors and institutions at home and abroad.

  1. Phillips

In 1796, he started his own business. In November 1999, it was bought by Bernard Arnault, the owner of France’s Louis Vuitton, for £70 million. Mr Arnault has taken advantage of scandals at two major auction houses to invest heavily in Mr Phillips. Phillips specializes in Impressionist, modern and contemporary art and furniture auctions.

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  1. Bonhams

Bonhams is a privately owned British auction house, founded by Thomas Dodd in 1793 and one of the few remaining Georgian auction houses in London today. First known as a book auctioneer, he worked closely with book auctioneer and Walter Bonhams. By 1850, the company had expanded to auction a wide range of antique items, including jewelry, porcelain, furniture, samurai armor and weapons, and fine wine.

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In the early 1950s, a sales office was opened.

2000 Renamed Bonhams Brose Auction House.

In 2001, it merged with Phillips Son & Neale to form a new company, officially renamed Bonhams.

By the end of 2003, Bonhams was auctioning more than 700 works of art a year, employing more than 600 people and generating a turnover of $340 million.

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