Why is Swift so popular? In addition to being a singer, she is also a “warrior woman”.

Taylor Swift, born in Pennsylvania, USA, is an American country music and pop singer-songwriter, actress, and philanthropist.

At the beginning of her career, she was so sweet that her American fans called her America’s Sweetheart.

But every time she hits No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard chart with a strong single, something goes wrong and ends up at No. 2.

As a result, “sweetheart” was changed to “Swift”, and her many relationships did not go well, “Swift” this nickname is done.

Why is Swift so popular? In addition to being a singer, she is also a "warrior woman". Photo 2

So why is Swift so popular and popular? First, I like her songs, only to find her high level of appearance, and then talent.

Her fans range in age from 60 to 6.

First of all, she is the representative of American culture, and with her own music and personality charm, she has become a super figure with extraordinary influence in the world due to the rapid spread of American culture under the background of globalization.

Her tour is called the “Time Tour,” and she not only sings about the various eras of her own music making in concert.

It also shows the very complex, condensed in her body, belonging to our contemporary youth.

Why is Swift so popular? In addition to being a singer, she is also a "warrior woman". Photo 4

There were 96,000 people at Taylor Swift’s Melbourne concert, and the number of people gathered outside the venue was as high as 250,000, and even Chinese music superstar Jay Chou could not help but run to the scene.

To Sydney concert is fanatical, landing in Sydney on the plane is full of fans, the train has become a concert train.

Taylor Swift has received a lot of abuse, both from ordinary people and celebrities, but she has also attracted a lot of women.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she made folk music again, fought against the giant record company that used to crush her, and called for music to heal those suffering from the pandemic.

Why is Swift so popular? In addition to being a singer, she is also a "warrior woman". Photo 6

Taylor Swift is one of the few people of our time who is still moving enough, and as an American singer, Taylor Swift has an influence on the world.

Since her debut, Swift’s music has grown in stature and popularity.

When she emerged in the music industry, the curtain of the last generation of stars is quietly falling, the new generation of stars are growing up, and the advantage of young Taylor Swift is obvious.

Taylor Swift has always been a very assertive person. At the age of ten, you have a clear idea of your life goal and take action to achieve it.

Eleven years old let her mother take her to the music company interview, listen to the company Demo, introduce herself that she can also write songs.

Swift is not because of their creative talent does not work hard, on the contrary, she is very hard, release an album will write nearly 100 song selection.

Swift is well aware of her strengths, she knows that she writes songs that are good at storytelling, and her lyrics are like a teenage girl’s diary that connects her to her fans.

She is also very business-minded, the album can achieve good sales, very concerned about maintaining the copyright of her music.

She has always been good at turning the bricks that people throw at her into steps to stand on higher ground.

When people discuss her body and appearance, she writes the explosive “Blank Space”, and when Kanye and his wife wronged her, she writes the more explosive “reputation”.

Big Machine monopolized her rights, and she rerecorded all her lost albums. Not letting villains profit, giving new fans a chance to learn about her musical past.

She used her real skills to tell everyone that she was not only a singer, but also a “female soldier”.

He also swept the awards with his album, winning four Grammy Awards for Album of the Year in three styles.

In addition to writing songs, Swift has a strong “money ability” and she is the only young singer to become a billionaire just by singing.

The 2023 world tour became the most profitable concert of all time.

At 34 years old, she earns more than $1 billion. Boosted direct consumption in the United States by $4.6 billion.

Many heads of state from around the world also issued public invitations for Taylor to perform in their countries.

Her concerts are a feast for the eyes and ears, from the elaborate stage sets to the stunning lighting effects, which repeatedly immerse people in a musical fantasy world.

In addition to her musical talent, Swift has won respect for her perseverance and positive sense of social responsibility.

She also actively participates in public welfare undertakings and uses her influence to speak out for vulnerable groups. Her kindness and positive energy let people see her multi-faceted charm.

Not content with the moment, Swift is constantly improving herself. No matter what setbacks and hardships in her body, she always seems to be able to dust off and stand up, stronger each time.

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